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Poetry in an ongoing thread

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

© Art & Poems by Angela Ancalima


Like death on the shore

and written down in history

I thought I could not

come any closer to a poets grief

But I did

not die

picked up the pieces

everything that was broken

everything that made me cry

the scars

they make me feel alive

the tears

they empty me to replenish my well

until their fulfilment


my illusions of love

I see myself

earthbound and holy

in my brokenness

I am my own reflection

And just like suns and moons

with all their hope and gloom

I am certain of my tides

I own them

rooted in pain's beautiful lines

I rise

bonded with the mornings

My heart is beating, isn't it?

There are no chains

in presence

Feral Woman

she picked up the pieces

in naked truth

bone by bone

she survived and still

calming and powerful

hair by hair

she claims

her force an ageless knowing

doors to the worlds


scars all over


half understood

half remembered


embroidering her soul

into no expectation

outgrown all caged beauty

now giving light

she walks on

avoiding nothing

embracing retreat

for peace is not a sacrifice

but a mystery of devotion

only to be worthy

at rock bottom

birthing into the fullness

of herself

no need to be anything

expected - she decides


untamed where she belongs


her service never done

Shining Thread of the River

My being is loving this world

I put my lips giving a kiss

here to the birds twittering

as the wind wafts softly among tall trees

there to the blossoming roses

exuding their suntanned fragrance

I do not seek for life's sweetness lives inside me

Am I spinning? Am I weaving? Out of the woods my way grows standing within the otherness out in the beauty inside the mystery I focus on what matters

I come from the pond of imagination which is pouring in gratitude astonished upon the deep and vast ocean of a woman's heart

For the shining thread of the river she knows helps seeding with a telling heart, a silent mind to walk the path by rising rooted in her truth unlocking the enchantment of her everyday life out of the forest and into herself being the forever source

There's always hope

Golden light

on the valley of music and dreams

Fair is the land and bright

Her heart of twilight

lingering as leaves in the wind

Stars upon hills

shining like

pale enchanted gold

chains curling

memories of flowering stars

upon white limbs

flying away to breathe the sun

Long was her hair

Her voice like silver glass

on distant shores she wanders

fair by the waters she walked


within the edge of nights

The Lady of Sensual Innocence

Natural and free

utterly wise

I am

the beauty

I am



like the river

between the tides

I dance

upon my imagination


fully sensual

under the panoply of the stars

I linger


I am


by the beguiling sound of the

tuning of the elven soul

they sing


like the bird opens its wings

I fly


the reunion

like the feather that is uplifting me

I come to thee

Look at me

I am

Keeper of Wisdom


out of the shores I come

holding you in guidance


For you are to bring our essence

into realms of grief

and sorrow

Into broken hearts

and lost souls

asking you to embrace

this burden

for their salvation

and ours

For we came

for counsel

not to sway but

bringing ancient times

weaving within their hearts

seeds of love for

the soul of nature

to be remembered


Within the dust of her eyes

the shimmering light

of the stars

she saw

bright glass mirrors

her sorrowless heart


she sang in the forest of doom


under falling rain

by dimmed moonlight

her voice releases a sudden mist

and glazing sunlight

of silver quivering

her raiment

no longer unseen

she rises

when winter knocks

for truth

star is in her hair


she dances

through a freezing hall

the music of the harps

a coat of love

her feet hovering





that's her destiny


Where leaves of gold grew, there I sang

where waters run foaming at the sea

swaying the wooden boat bearing the gifts of hope

beneath the panoply of stars

branching jewels made of tears

form their way through misty shadow

affecting the riverbank of the beating soul

Falling leaves

Flowing river

hidden paths towards the moon


and the sun


stars are all alight

Sheltered in love's vessel

I wander not lost

Held deep within my sojourning heart

Universal Soul

Starfading under mortal light One remains giving birth sparkling following a soul shining through between the mantle white golden boughs upon A voice fair as the wind beside the roaring sea she calls light into darkness for secret passages shining through within the universe dwells eternal light amid the moment shining through Love does always

A wren's blue pearl

For there are many paths

and still


we may meet

around the corner

in the shadows of a woven tree

or resting riverbank

rushing, brawling

that remain only for our eyes

waiting to come by

Whatever comes along the way

Let it pass!

Let it flow!

Like flowers reaching for the sun

the secret roads may find us

And when we pass them all along

the next day

they might just have gone


beneath the greenest grass

shimmering bright and lush

or calling

from a distant edge

Whatever comes along the way

Let it pass!

Let it flow!

The secrets of the bright blue pearl

the wren is singing fair

towards the sun, towards the moon

the stars are all awake

Home is behind

yet everywhere

You wander through the world ahead


wherever you may dwell

Dedication of a new shrine

There is that sound in my heart

and I carry it wherever I go

There is that taste in my skin

And it waits for tears running down

Pray with diamond eyes and singing roses

I pray for bitter for sweet

I open my senses and smell emerging forgiveness

I adore the mother inside

longing to lay down in her river

of dreams

there is that sound in my heart

And it is calling


A tune so bold

yet sweet

moves in me.

Have I been there before?

I hear

no words

I've seen it all

Or am I on the shore?

A cracking

and a sigh


with the wind

Open is the score


in your palm

a feathered friend


drops of kindness


delivered hope

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