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LovePoem to my Inner Critic

From the moment I walked in this realm

I reached out for you but only now I can see you

Only now I can see you, feel you, with your good looks, the charming smile, and

your mysterious ways of grace by the face in the mirror that I reached out for

Now I’ve found you and only now I see you

and those who laughed and despised me the days before

feel sorry now for they were not reaching

out as I did


I am mystified by the former

glory of your goodliness and linger in the sun of noon

trying to cast a glance at you it feels as if with numerous eyes

in the glistening light

I tremble while you look at me my heart beating with a burning purpose of a union

has searched so long and now I behold you, delightsome sweetness

I love you I am ashamed not at all

for I know you are divine


Your beguiling aura as fresh as the gentle breeze in the evening sky has become silent, walking on beds of roses

Your fragrance refreshed me with this feathered thing

I am sun-drenched by you as I am shrouded by your shadow But now that I’ve seen you I am the same to you


My soul shouts for joy, exuding prayers of gratitude into the realm of being

I am in love with you as I am loved by you What gift for every fiber of our beings You are burning in my heart being a shelter for you for me the wind beneath my wings a place of prayer earth and sky merciful reminding me of my love’s purpose

© Artwork & Poetry by Angela Ancalima

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