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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

~ Henry Ward Beecher

A life transformed... Mary Magdalene.

Consistently there, she has a real experience of the risen christ, the Christ Consciousness.

And she is here in these special times as protectress of sisterhood, guiding us full of love and joy to deepen this connection! And to deepen our commitment for soul life.


To paint from soul means, at least for me, to create life by painting spiritual experience. It also occurs the other way round - it does not really matter which way you think of. I believe it is important to stay in the flow and therefore make no distinction between the one way or the other. Creativity leads to spirituality and spirituality leads to creativity - because we are creations and creative beings. Creative living is far from just a life based on fantasy; in fact, creativity is grounded in reality.

Creativity is spiritual practice. This can be everything.

Here I am concentrating on art as this practice.

When you practice spirituality you connect with deeper levels with soul, and from this intimacy the paintings arise, from a state of no-mind.

The feminine psyche is vast and mysterious and the painting process symbolises a wonderful mirror that helps us to see beyond the reflection of ourselves.

We connect with our truth.

We ask ourselves who this woman is, staring straight back, and we often realise that we don't know her. By letting go we follow our intuition and with every brushstroke, every movement, all the shaping and forming - the unfolding takes place: The remembrance of beauty slips through this doorway, guides us and shows access to our own inner world.

We are provided with access to sacred insights. The encounter with soul, with the mystery, carries love and healing gifts.

Layer by layer we receive transparency to capture all blessings that the divine force holds for us to surrender - into our own nature.

© Words by Angela Ancalima

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