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Allowing Reverberation:

Time, experience, and quiet attentive reading/ listening spiral through these pages called life... lessons about voice passed along from mother to daughter, be it in the human or the spiritual mother - will reverberate differently in each inner ear.

And... there's a mother amongst us, a mother that has no form and has all forms:

Women who have done and still do the same in every moment of humanity, or who choose silence as a voice, blank pages as their story... or a canvas as their voice to be made visible.

Voice is a complex and very important part of ourselves with the mean to express, a keeper of the nest within ourselves, our refuge.



Journaling & Mindful Exercise


"Healing the Mother Wound and becoming a loving 'inner mother' to our inner child clears the pathway to voice your truth from a place of inner strength and self-love. Rather than looking to the old, limiting patterns of your childhood as a measure of being safe, the inner child begins to look increasingly to you, your empowered adult self, for reassurance and comfort."

- Bethany Webster -

The Nature of Relationships


 Find one photo from a magazine/ the internet that represents a specific type of any relationship, especially between mother and daughter. You can of course use a personal photo of you and your mother/daughter.

Look for other images that represent this relationship you might want to include - you can choose to focus on the relationship it was/is or the one you wished for it to be.



If you chose non personal items... Does the relationship chosen represent a personal relationship?


If you chose personal items... what feelings come up? Any memories?


Are you engaged in a positive or problematic relationship at present?


Share something about the best relationship you have had or are presently experiencing.


What do you look for in any type of relationship?


Why are relationships so important?


Referring to the mother-daughter-relationship: What did you forgot to say?

Maybe there's time to do it now? If not (anymore) then write it down anyway and afterwards for example burn it in a ceremonial way.



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"Conversation is the vehicle for change. We test our ideas. We hear our own voice in concert with another. And inside those pauses of listening, we approach new territories of thought. A good argument, call it a discussion, frees us. Once released, they may never return. If they do, they have chosen a home and the bird-words are calmed into an ars poetica. The women in my family didn't always agree, but it was in their company I felt inspired and safe."

"We live among a gratitude of birds."

"I AM MY MOTHER, but I'm not.

I am my grandmother, but I'm not.

I am my great-grandmother, but I'm not."

- Terry Tempest Williams -


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Hilary Mantel 1_edited_edited.jpg
Hilary Mantel 2_edited.png

Excerpt from Hilary Mantel "Giving up the Ghosts"


Journaling & Mindful Exercise


"The wound is not my fault. But the healing is my responsibility."

- Marianne Williamson -

Voice is a creature meant to fly - and a women free to express her voice for her own pleasure and the higher good  is a woman that engages, loves, breaks open.


What voice is the one of your mother? Both physical and inside...

Are they different? In what way?

Where can you find similarities?

How does it feel?

What is the voice of little you?

What is your voice now?

Explore the differences and similarities... have there been words withheld, have there been words shared? How? When? Why?


And then hear them all and remember:

The very first voice we hear and inhale is the one of the mother.

This voice is imprinted on our soul and throughout our lives it is a very important process of letting this voice on the one hand guide us - in its true sense of shelter and nourishment - while on the other hand we took on the journey to finding our very own voice - in its true sense of freedom and hope.

All these voices... where in them can you find shelter and nourishment?

And what in them gives you freedom and hope?

Create them a space to be... heard.

"Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her."

- Christine Northrup -



Draw your response to the question "What do you need to heal?"

(For example outline a profile (mother/daughter) filling it with words on this subject or use again items of magazines or images)


What types of items, ideas, people etc. do you need to heal?


Do you currently have what you need to begin the healing process?


If you don't have what you need, how can you obtain these things?


How do you self-soothe?




Screen Shot 2024-05-04 at 21.31_edited.jpg

"We enter a New Space... Space filled with the presence of mothers, and the place where everyone is a daughter... The place where she predominates... Her feeling of having room. The space she fills. A motion circling the void."

- Susan Griffin -

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