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Feathers spread hope, birds exude freedom, nests give shelter - they all nurture us deeply.

Birds remind us of who we once were and teach us how to listen.

Engage. Love. Break open.

"Finding beauty in a broken world is creating beauty in the world we find.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams ~

2 Weeks of Womanhood and Voice

with Angela Ancalima

April 12 – April 27/ 2024

Allowing our voice to be heard, listening to it deeply and recognizing the differences and similarities between the voices of the daughter and of the mother: The love of a mother (feminine principle) is one of the most moving memories of our lives, unforgettable and a mysterious root of all growth and change - a shelter of silence; within it everything begins and ends and begins again.

Hope perches in our souls...

Create a wonderful picture, mystical and profound yet liberating at the same time, symbolizing hope with feathers, new life and protection with eggs and nests, and exploring freedom with the winged ones.

The free symbolism of the birds touches me deeply and I know that I am not alone in my feelings.

Right now is the time to build nests for the next breeding season, and the forests can no longer be cut down to make room for new life.
I particularly love the times during the year when the birds' nests can be found in the branchy, but not yet leafy branches - the amazing approach to creating and shaping the home captures me in a wondrous way and lets me get to know and then shape my own home anew year after year.
The protection that comes from nests inevitably brings to mind the maternal aspects of ourselves and here I was inspired by the writings of author Terry Tempest Williams from her book "When Women Were Birds".

The very first voice we hear and inhale is the one of the mother.

This voice is imprinted on our soul and throughout our lives it is a very important process of letting this voice on the one hand guide us - in its true sense of shelter and nourishment - while on the other hand we took on the journey to finding our very own voice - in its true sense of freedom and hope.

And... there's a mother amongst us, a mother that has no form and has all forms:

Women who have done and still do the same in every moment of humanity, or who choose silence as a voice, blank pages as their story... or a canvas as their voice to be made visible.

Voice is a complex and very important part of ourselves with the mean to express, a keeper of the nest within ourselves, our refuge.


Voice is a creature meant to fly - and a women free to express her voice for her own pleasure and the higher good  is a woman that engages, loves, breaks open.

"Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her."

- Christine Northrup -

You’ll learn...

  • Intuitive approach to the canvas using gesso, various cloths/papers as well as using variations of color combinations to build up a multi-layered ground

  • Creating feathers in different styles... 'Hope is the thing with feathers'

  • Creating natural nests & birds... loosely to prepare for the canvas

  • Simple and loose figure study exploring the female figure - for an abstracted and/or defined integration of the female essence

  • Balancing back and forth, working with mixed media and negative space - remaining free in form and markings to pave the way for your own incomparable gestural movements & voice

What's included?

  • All course materials are DOWNLOADABLE

  • PDF of Templates and written Lesson Instructions

  • Materials List with recommendations will be provided after registration. Use what is on the list or improvise with what you have - be free

  • This course is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike


Course Tuition: 75

57 € - SPECIAL PRICE until April 10

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After registration/shortly before the beginning of the class you will be invited to join a sacred sanctuary, designed for this class.

April 12 you will receive an email with your access data to enter the classroom.

To receive general guidance, support & inspiration above this class you're warmly invited to join the creative community


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