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You are the color you choose

As above, so below


Cultivating your Inner Peace

Finding the center & making room for the energy of the Holy Spirit




“The minute you become comfortable is the moment you’re no longer searching for your truth. You could avoid this struggle and stay on the surface, settling for the low-hanging fruit of creating predictable, formulaic paintings. But in your heart you know that to create your deepest, most authentic and astonishing art, you must never give up [...] [trying].”

- Nancy Hillis -

What brought you to this course? What do you want from it? Go tell - yourself.

"I'm looking at"

Write ten minutes using the item you're looking at right now. If you get stuck, simply write again "I'm looking at" and keep going.


"Be drawn to the colors you need!"

Aura-Soma harnesses the vibrational powers of Mother Nature and is a system of colors, plants and crystals that promotes happiness and vitality. It brings lightness, balance and calm to your energy system. They strengthen and protect the aura, empower and elevate.

What feeling does this color/do the colors elicit? What sensations do you experience?

What associations do you have to this color/these colors?

What memories and stories does this color bring up?

When was the last time you needed color? Why?

Is it true you really needed it?

Describe your favorite color/s (generally or in the very moment) to someone who has never seen it before.

What emerges in your heart while moving the colors for the ground? What does the Holy Spirit mean to you?

Tell your truth.

Trust yourself.

That's the Holy Grail of Creating - life and art.


Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 11.48.40.jpg


Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 11.48.49.jpg

“Relationships are laboratories of the spirit. They are hospitals of the soul. They are the places where the wounds that we hold will be brought up because that’s the only way they can be healed.”
- Marianne Williamson -

Sketching a figure from the beginning lets us realize what is and that we are about to embrace it. We are willing to, we’re looking forward to.
A principle of ACIM says that it takes two entering heaven – we and the figure are diving into revelation.

A pair comes to the arch, we enter this ship together or not at all:

Illusion (we/form) and truth (what reveals on the canvas/soul, divine, formless)

Find an image of a figure (real person or a statue) that speaks to you in the very moment. A figure that poses in a way that moves you deep, means anything to you, draws your attention... During the visualization or in any other meditative state you might have perceived a feeling or an image - let yourself be guided by your knowing to find the figure that evokes that feeling.

You can also search the figure inspiration I added for your inspiration.



“If you want to know yourself, I suggest you write about someone else. You may come to see that everything outside you is a direct reflection of your thinking.

It is all about you.”

“Most of us have been pointing our criticism and judgments at ourselves for years, and it hasn’t solved anything yet. Judging someone else, questioning these judgments, and turning them around is the fast path to understanding and self-realization.”

- Byron Katie -


Meaning: The figure on the canvas is this "someone else".
While painting we come to see that everything outside us is a direct reflection of our thinking.

It is all about us.

"I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.

My true identity abides in YOU."

- A Course in Miracles -

Your holiness shines bright and clear.


Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 11.48.57.jpg
Template Converting Figure.jpg

Template Converting Figure

Template Figure Easy.jpg

Template Figure Easy

Template Figure Difficult.jpg

Template Figure Difficult


(Excercise from “The Work” by Byron Katie)

We change “I don’t ever want to...” to “I am willing to...” and “I look forward to....”

For example, “I don’t ever want ... (put in your own experiences) to happen to me again” turns around to “I am willing to have ... happen to me again” and “I look forward to having ... happen to me again.”

This turnaround is about embracing all of life, just as it is.

Converted Figure on Canvas.JPG
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