About me

"The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it."

Joseph Campbell

My heart would burst if I would not paint – if I would not try to make my own heartbeat match with the beat of the universe.

Art is a purpose, burning in the chest to spill open. It wounds the feeling to let the emotion flow. It is radical self-survey, radical experiment of shape. A piece of art can only represent by creating shape. It's about the making of shape. Yet the reason and beginning of shaping, being the artwork, can only be the shapeless itself.

I believe art is a healing force that leads both the human being and higher self into spiritual realms, which are far beyond what matters and concerns this earthly planet's life.

"Soul Craving Art" I call this conscious creativity - trying to understand, what is; seeing art as highest form of hope.​​​

Art is religion. As it is said with "re-ligio", we are reconnecting to what is not visible. Art as variable medium might be the only true executive religion.

Aren't we all called to find access to our psyche, for coping with life?

I believe.

Being a woman I feel drawn to the vast and complex feminine psyche, the mystical divine feminine. This is why I mainly portray women, to epitomise the many faces of all our feelings. Feminine principles embody receptivity, intuition, wisdom and beauty - the feminine images show a communication of life and soul. 

The painting progress is a profound and intimate connection with myself and the realm of soul.

The canvas is a portal for a dreamlike otherworld, untouched by time and space. Within this world regeneration is possible and a transformative dance unveils its secret on the canvas - possible boundaries are shifting and every brushstroke unfolds new possibilities for a layered conversation in the present moment. Everything that wants to move through, wants to be felt and become visible, represents itself within this state of no-mind, in this breathing communion between worlds. 

The shaping of art with natural material lets me enter the here and now on another level. It has a deep impact on me and gives me great pleasure. Creating land art for myself brings joy for nature of life itself. Connecting nature with canvas and paint makes transience concrete and reminds of the preciousness of time and its illusion. Forming an abstract piece of art makes me realise how much I am alive and that we are always on the edge of "in between". 

Always I am motivated by the transitions that live in the silence, this powerful force of unidentifiable experience.

We all are observers and interpreters, yet it isn't easy to express our own feelings. Art is a haven and provides the chance to discover those parts in a safe and non-judgemental way. Undefined places emerge, lost aspects and conscious insights reveal themselves through our committing willingness to give life to this holy force. There is no separation anymore.

Although the emerging symbols reveal themselves - most of the time I don't need to know. I often don't want to and cannot explain the deeper meaning. It's happening intuitive, coming from the inside and not from the head: I leave space for the land of shadow...

The creative process leads into a connection with an unexpected inner power. I surrender and have no control, yet have claimed my true strength. I begin to walk and the way appears. I am in charge to deepen the mystery - I follow the impulses of my heart.