...is opening more than just painting lessons!
These Courses hold a container for the sacred power that arises from within, invoking a new consciousness.
We give birth to the visual expression of the divine mystery. The radiant transparency of the images symbolizes what is true within ourselves and whilst allowing the sacred to unfold we receive all that we need through layered conversation by listening deep.


Balancing between movement and stillness, our conscious creative relationship with Spirit guides us beyond.

We learn more and more how to deeply trust the truth of our Self - and let space for soul, craving for art.

While this progress is taking place I am there for you.

Tenderly guiding I will hold space for you while you intuitively learn to explore your own unique voice and creative soul expression.


Online Classes


Water Lilies

Inspired by nature and the impressionist style of Claude Monet we are having fun creating our own pond, filled with water lillies.

Course contains the creation of 3 paintings

Self Pace Program: Immediate access & downloadable videos


Prayer For Peace

We are creating prayers & blessings in writing and drawing & painting praying hands - for the sake of all!

Coming Soon

Monument of Grace

Inspired by love and based on the principles of

A Course in Miracles.

The underlying premise is that the greatest miracle is the act of simply gaining full awareness of love’s presence in one’s own life.

Grace is there, always!

Coming Soon